Study on the Mineral Processing Experiment of a High Fe Rich Au-Cu-S Polymetallic Ore
Received:March 25, 2019  
中文关键词: 选矿  黄铜矿  黄铁矿  磁铁矿  综合回收
英文关键词: beneficiation  chalcopyrite  pyrite  magnetite  high efficient recovery
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GAO Qifang Yunnan Gold Mining Group Co.Ltd., Kunming 650224, China 2936162449@qq.com 
ZOU Jianjian State Key Laboratory of Separation and Comprehensive Utilization of Rare Metals, Guangdong Institute of Resource Comprehensive utilization, Guangzhou 510650, China  
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      某高铁富金铜硫多金属矿铁品位为31.81%,金品位为1.37 g/t,铜品位为0.70%,硫品位为6.52%,矿石中71.83%的金赋存于铜矿物、黄铁矿、磁铁矿等矿物,而铜矿物、黄铁矿、磁铁矿的嵌布粒度均较粗,普遍在+0.04 mm。采用“优先浮选铜-活化浮选硫-硫尾磁选回收铁”联合工艺处理该矿石,并采用ZA作铜捕收剂,全流程实验获得金品位27.80 g/t,铜品位20.60%,金回收率59.05%,铜回收率83.29%的铜精矿;金品位2.16 g/t,硫品位45.07%,金回收率20.24%,硫回收率86.25%的硫精矿;金品位0.80 g/t,铁品位60.83%,金回收率14.25%,铁回收率45.90%的铁精矿。实现了矿石中金铜铁及载体矿物的高效回收。
      A high Fe rich Au-Cu-S polymetallic ore consists of 31.81% of Fe, 1.37 g/t of Au, 0.70% of Cu and 6.52% of S. 71.83% of gold in the mineral is deposited in copper minerals, pyrite and magnetite. The grains of copper minerals, pyrite and magnetite are relatively coarse, with a grain size of >0.04 mm. The ore sample was treated by a combined process of “selective flotation of copper - activated sulfur - sulfur tailing magnetic iron”, and ZA was used as copper collector. The resulted copper concentrate consisted of 27.80 g/t of Au and 20.60% of Cu, and the recovery was 59.05% and 83.29% for Cu and Au, respectively. The resulted sulfur concentrate grade was composed of 2.16 g/t of Au and 45.07% of S, and the recovery was 20.24% and 86.25% for Au and S, respectively. The iron concentrate included 0.80 g/t of Au and 60.83% of Fe., and the recovery was 14.25% and 45.90% for Au and Fe, respectively. The proposed method has high recovery for gold, copper, iron and sulfur in ores.
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