Study on Ag Base Brazing Technology of YSZ Ceramic and Kovar Alloy
Received:April 17, 2019  
中文关键词: 金属材料  氧化钇稳定氧化锆(YSZ)陶瓷  钎焊  银基钎料
英文关键词: metal materials  yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) ceramic  brazing  silver based solder
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LU Shenghui China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China lshluoyang@163.com 
QIN Bo China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China  
JIANG Wei China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China  
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      用BAg72Cu钎料对氧化钇稳定氧化锆(YSZ)陶瓷与Kovar合金进行真空钎焊封接,用SEM、EDS和氦质谱检漏仪考察了钎焊温度和钎焊厚度对钎焊封接件的抗剪强度和气密性的影响,并分析了钎焊界面微观结合情况。结果表明,YSZ陶瓷与Kovar合金在850℃保温5 min钎焊封接时,获得的封接件能够承受最大的抗剪强度为75 MPa;钎缝氦漏率优于6.0×10-11 Pa.m3/s,钎缝无气孔、裂纹现象,钎缝中间区域主要为银基钎料凝固组织,Kovar合金侧界面反应区富集铜合金,铂金属化层侧为富银相。
      Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) ceramic with Kovar alloy were brazed by BAg72Cu alloy solder under vacuum conditions. The gas tightness and joint strength of the soldered joint of YSZ ceramics and Kovar alloy in different brazing temperatures were tested by SEM, EDS and helium mass spectrometer, and the micro-banding of the brazing interface was analyzed. The results showed that the YSZ ceramic with Kovar alloy at 850℃ and holding 5 min for sealing parts could obtain the largest shear strength of 75 MPa, and that the leakage rate of the weld joint is less than 6.0×10-11 Pa.m3/s. There was no porosity or crack in weld joint. In the middle zone of the weld joint mainly consisted of Ag based solidified structure. Cu element was enriched in the reaction zone at the interface of Kovar alloy side, while Ag phase was enriched at the interface of Pt metallization layer.
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