Study on Solvothermal Preparation, Characterization and Electrocatalytic Performance of PtCo Nanocrystals
Received:June 12, 2020  
中文关键词: 燃料电池  PtCo纳米晶  溶剂热法  形貌表征  氧还原(ORR)电催化
英文关键词: fuel cell  PtCo nanocrystals  solvothermal method  morphology characterization  oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysis
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FENG Yan Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai 201800, China fengyan02@saicmotor.com 
LIU Fang Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai 201800, China  
LIU Jia Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai 201800, China  
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      采用溶剂热法以不同加热时间制备PtCo纳米晶,研究晶粒的生长过程及电催化性能。随着制备加热时间的延长,透射电镜(TEM)表征显示,纳米晶从球形变为八面体,粒径逐渐增大,晶面间距减小;结合能谱分析的结果,表明更多的钴被还原进入纳米晶粒内。对PtCo纳米晶制备的电极进行电化学分析,随着制备加热时间延长,循环伏安(CV)曲线显示氢脱附峰面积先增大后减小,线性扫描伏安法(LSV)表明,氧还原电催化活性先变大后减小。加热12 h制备的纳米晶制备的电极电催化活性(358 mA/mgPt)最佳,约为商用Pt/C的2.2倍。
      PtCo nanocrystals were prepared using a solvothermal method at different heating times, and the growth process and electrocatalytic performance of crystal grains were investigated by TEM, CV and LSV. With the extension of the heating time, the prepared nanocrystals changed from spherical shape to octahedron, and the particle size gradually increased, while the interplanar spacing decreased, and more cobalt was reduced into the nanocrystalline grain. As the heating time of preparation increased, the hydrogen desorption peak area of PtCo nanocrystals electrodes first increased and then decreased. The LSV results showed that the ORR electrocatalytic activity first increased and then decreased with time. The optimized heating time is 12 hours, and the electrocatalytic activity of PtCo electrodes is 358 mA/mgPt, which is around 2.2 times of commercial Pt/C catalysts.
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